Bimantara the Foot Warrior One of the Latest Novels Today
() Bimantara the Foot Warrior, One of the Latest Novels Today. On this occasion I will give an updated information about reading the current novel complete with the storyline.

Below I will give a very interesting storyline about. Bimantara the Foot Warrior, One of the Latest Novels Today, if you are curious, you can check out my article with dtile, the storyline information is below

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There was a teenager named Bimantara since childhood he was determined to enter the sun college, the largest college in the archipelago at that time no one believed.

If he can be accepted at the college because the college does not hesitate to accept students, especially for him who has one leg.

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His dream to be able to enter the Sun College is only one so that he can become a warrior including, he also tries to master a thousand kicks that will not be possible to master considering that he only has one leg.

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Until people call him a madman, but he is determined that he can definitely be accepted at the school of the sun, the warrior is famous in his country so that no one underestimates him anymore.

That’s the brief information I’ve given you all about. Bimantara the Foot Warrior, One of the Latest Novels Today, hopefully it can be useful for all of you who are looking for a novel right now.

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